Child Protection Organization is a non-profit making humanitarian organization established in 2055 B.S by the village women intending social change. CPO is registered under Society Registration Act 2034, in the District Administration Office of Sarlahi in 2055 B.S (No. 221/2054/2055). It is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC-No. 7298) Nepal and also a member of NGOCC and Federation Sarlahi. CPO's head office is situated in Lalbandi VDC 9 of Sarlahi district.

Core Values

  • Democratic Practices
  • Mutual Respect
  • Integrity
  • Rule of Law
  • Equity and Justice
  • Excellency


CPO believes that technical education and skills for orphans, helpless children and underprivileged and Dalits along with awareness to rights will develop capable citizens to contribute in social, economic, political, cultural and environmental development and they can live their lives with dignity.


CPO's mission is to end gender inequality, bring women it the main stream of development and establish child rights through empowerment of women, Dalits, and children to bring positive change in the society.


The goal of CPO is to create a prosperous and just society by organization of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded dalit, women and orphan children and empowering them with advocacy skills to claim their rights to create an enabling environment for their participation in mainstream development.


  • To assist to ensure political, social and environmental rights of the women.
  • To assist orphan, helpness, poor, downtrodden, vulnerable and conflict affected children and women in the community by providing protection, education oportunities and rehablutation facilitaties.
  • To help the oppressed and socially excluded women, Dalit, poor and vulnerable people through livelihood programs and empowerment for their active participation in mainstream development and self reliant.
  • To enhance equality based integrated social, economic, educational, political and environmental development mobilizing local skills and resources based on the need of the communities.
  • To enhance skills and efficiency of women through income generation for their better livelihood opportunity.


CPO adopts following strategies to achieve its goal:

Rights and Advocacy

CPO empowers women and children to understand and claim their basic rights. It helps people in designing an advocacy plan through training and awareness raising specially focusing the issues of child rights and women rights i.e. UNSCR1325, 1820.

Social Inclusion

CPO adopts social inclusion strategy for the right of poor, dalit and socially excluded women & children to ensure their meaningful participation in community and organization development process.

Conflict Management and Promotion of Peace

CPO will emphasize women participation in conflict management and peace building to promote peace and social harmony at households and community level.

Livelihood Improvement

It emphasizes on the effective mobilization of local resources for livelihood improvement of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women and children recognizing the need of balance use of social, economic, natural and physical resources for sustainable development.

Co-operative Development

CPO emphasizes on the economic empowerment of women through women led co-operatives.

Community Mobilization

CPO emphasizes in organizing poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women and children and mobilizing them to claim their rights for sustainable benefit.

Popular Education \ REFLECT Approach to Empower and Organize People

A participatory poverty analysis (also known as Underlying Causes of Poverty Analysis) will be used to identify the poverty pockets of the community. The poor, Dalit, vulnerable and socially excluded people will be organized in a group of 25-35 members (mostly women and children) where they discuss their problems and issues and run community led social actions to claim their rights.

Civil Society Strengthening

CPO will help enhance capacity of the civil society organizations by creating opportunities for their capacity building. Besides, it also use the knowledge, skills and abilities of civil society organizations for better result and lasting impact of the programs implemented in the community.

Male Participation

CPO focuses on co-operation of men for women empowerment and equal participation of men and women for sustainable development.